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As a digital design agency in the heart of the high-tech action for the last decade and a half, We've survived Y2K and the dot-boom. SolindoWeb has seen technologies and innovations come and go. But one thing has never changed—our focus on helping clients gain a competitive advantage via the digital channel to drive the strongest possible results.

About Us

Company Profile

SolindoWeb is your best partner in implementing your e-business, Media and Marketing Strategy. We specialize in providing professional services for the creation of e-Business, Internet and Media solutions for businesses that intend to build their presences online.

On the plus side, we have web hosting service, to host your sites. We are destined to make our web place your place. Our value lies in providing clients with one-stop integrated solutions - from strategic consulting, research, design, application development & integration, as well as e-marketing management in order to realize the full potential of the internet.

Our team consists of professionals with excellent expertise in web programming, web design, and web scripting capabilities to help our clients launch web sites that match corporate marketing strategy. The activities also cover the development and promotion of internet e-commerce for expanding their business through on-line ordering system.

We believe our expertise have enough capabilities to assist your company's endeavor and we are confident that we able to meet your corporate requirement in IT.

Investor Relations

SolindoWeb has a vision to be a leader in domestic, nationwide and to be a player in world wide IT market by providing IT for small, medium or even corporate networks. The mission is focused to be a business solutions provider in providing IT solutions, e-business strategy, web design and hosting to companies that desire an internet presence.

SolindoWeb has developed solutions for large and medium-sized corporations. We also continue to acquire a large and growing portfolio of companies currently being developed through a combination of financial involvement and/or professional services.

SolindoWeb is currently owned by independent group of stakeholders. We welcome other corporate groups or individuals to discuss any kind of cooperation that leads to the advancement of business information in Indonesia and worldwide.


In affiliate with SolindoHost

Didirikan pada tahun 2001, SolindoHost.com berfokus sebagai reseller penyedia multi domain dalam satu account dan kami sekarang mengembangkan diri ke arah ritel di mana setiap pengguna dapat dengan bebas mengatur hosting sendiri
mulai dari pengaturan email sampai ke penambahan perangkat lunak. Bagian dari layanan kami adalah kami memperlakukan klien tidak sebagai angka tetapi sebagai teman.

In affiliate with Webtrons

Webtrons.com is an online tool which allows you to create your own website with the helping hands of professional designers. We provide you a simple way to create your own website and easiy manage, suit your taste & you can work wherever you are. So simple & easy!
Webtrons provide you All In One package to create your website. You can choose templates of Profile or E-Commerce complete with webhosting quota and domain name. You will be given the Cpanel and Web Admin so that you can manage your website conveniently.

Our Philosopy


The User Experience Design Group draws on user-centered research, best practices, and design processes to create insightful, competitive solutions for online businesses.

The skill set of the User Experience Design (UXD) group is comprised of three user-focused knowledge bases, Visual Design, Design Technology, and Information Architecture. The primary directive of the UXD discipline is to interpret, document, and translate a client's conceptual product philosophy into a format that is visually appealing, functional, and intuitive in design and form in order to stimulate user interactivity without compromising product integrity or the user experience.


Information Architecture

The purpose of Information Architecture is one of user advocacy. Based on the desires, wants, needs, goals, and knowledge base of a user, the Information Architect determines the solution features and creates intuitive page-level organizational models and interaction design processes; all of which are organized by identifying the overall site structure. It is a prime directive of the Information Architect to identify the requirements of the other development disciplines in order to maintain the integrity of the final product and user experience.

Visual Design
Visual Design's primary role is to use visual elements – color, type, imagery, and layout – to communicate the creative vision, value proposition, and underlying structure and functionality of a user experience. More than just graphic design, Visual Design balances form and function to create a solution both aesthetically appealing and easily understandable for the user.

Design Technology
Design Technologists (DTs) are client-side developers responsible for display-level code. DTs collaborate with Visual Designers (VDs) and Information Architects (IAs) on user experience design, as well as with Software Engineers (SEs) to integrate visual design with backend technical infrastructure.

To create updatable elegant-website with content managements that are easy to use and commerce ready for Prima Alloy Steel Universal

We recommend to build the each site with its own style and usage under the same group. (Attached on the proposal) with Online Content Management Systems which use Database integration.

Database Integration and Content Management Systems

A database can be simply defined as a collection of items of information organized for convenient access. Computer programs were developed to help manage database. Database Management Systems are used for storing, utilizing and manipulating large amounts of information. The information can be pulled together in various formats to present such things as statistic, shopping carts, demographics, or inventory.

Content Management System or CMS will have a backend web administration which will manage the contents and the database of the website. It can be viewed as a website within a website which utilize web programming for its user interface to maintain the website (front end), anywhere in the world!

Task/Team Force Requirement:
A Database Analyst and Project Leader
A database programmer
A creative for user interface design
A creative for web graphic designer
A web programmer
A web multimedia expert, flash and other animation (business oriented)
A server administrator and monitor
Content and copywriter (for this: we need a cooperation with the client)

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