August 2017

Star Laboratories

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We are exporting herbs raw material, Gum Benjamin, Vegetable, Fruit and Spices.
1) our spices product are: Clove, Galangal, Curcuma, Turmeric, Ginger, Nutmeg, Mace, Cardamom, Cassia, Cubebs, Galangal, Cucurma, Long Pepper, Blackpepper, Whitepepper, sesame seed and many others
2) our gum product are: Gum Benjamin, Gum Copal, Gum Damar, Gum Rosin, Styrax Benzoin, damar batu and Shellac
3) our vegetable and fruit are: Mango, Rock Melon, Water Melon, Cabbage, Chinese Cabbage/ Mustard Vegetable, Brocoli and many others
4) our herbs products are: Orthosiphon, Tongkat Ali/ Euricoma Longifolia, Kancip Fatimah, Senna, Abrus Precatorius, Cuttle Fish bone, Snake Skin, Aloe vera, Hibiscus, Dendrobium orchid, Sappanwood, Fish scale, Sea cucumber, Gecko and many others herbs
5) we also process dried patchouli leave, dried distilled patchouli leave , sandalwood and agarwood boya
6) we are big exporter for raw cashew nut to India. 

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Star Laboratories

Star Laboratories

Star Laboratories

Star Laboratories

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