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SolindoWeb was founded on the premise that digital fundamentally transforms the way businesses approach their customers, and that the best results are achieved by employing a data-driven design process that brings together technology, visual design, UX, and strategic content. Here is where you'll find a collection of our latest thoughts – from industry insights and design perspective to future states and open debates. Enjoy!

Web Development

What makes web development different from the web design is the scale of the project. Some websites need to be continuously maintained and monitored, some even need continuous development.

E-commerce, for example, has to be handled with extra care. End user customers are ruthless, they won't coming back for good if your site lack of important ingredients such as: convenience, reliability, speed, user friendliness and well thought navigation system. Here in SolindoWeb, we continuously monitor the trends of these customers. Guess how many seconds do customers are willing to download your site? Call +62 (31) 567 4932 for the answer.

Some of our Web Developing projects are:
• E-commerce
• Online Catalog
• Online Backup solutions
• Web Portal
• Online Banking

We have powerful database packages, tailored to suit your needs. We are able produce your product catalog online, customer databases, order tracking, loyalty schemes and much more.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management provides a complete suite of social collaboration, communication and management tools for your team, including files sharing, project management, calendars, and more.

Customer Relationship Management is available in cloud and on premise.

Asset Management

Asset Management provides for teams that organizes, schedules and logs the who, the how and the when of your equipment maintenance actions.

Web Maintenance

We also do web maintainance for our clients or other websites that need to be maintained. If you need yearly or contract maintenance for your websites please do not hesitate to contact us. We serve you well!

Support and Services

Our goal is to help you to get the most from your web investment. To do so requires avoiding much of the dysfunction that plagues so many web projects. We have compiled some key principles for successfully managing website for you

We help you to :

Know What You Want
For the first, what are you trying to accomplish with your web site? And trying to get how satisfied are you with the design and usability of your site?

Know Your Audience
Knowing what websites should be designed for the audiences they are trying to reach
This is why user testing can be so valuable; it reminds us that most people don’t know what we know.

Treat Your Website Like a Business
A business plan and a site strategy dovetail perfectly so it’s clear how the site supports the broader goals of the business plan.

Create a Website Strategy
Objectives explain what you are trying to accomplish while strategies explain how to accomplish them

Measure the Right Metrics
As the web is still a relatively new and fast-changing medium, there are no commonly accepted standards for how to measure the success of a website


Prioritize Design Efforts Intelligently
If your organization is like most, the home page gets the most focus

Test, Learn, Repeat
Websites should be viewed as long-term strategic initiatives. Technology is always changing, the competitive environment is changing and most importantly, user expectations evolve. Web sites will always need updating to capitalize on the latest conditions; this is why we think of web sites as ongoing experiments rather than projects.